GDPR, Votavi and the horrific EU proposed internet Copyright Directive


It is a good thing Votavi hasn’t been launched before the GDRP became mandatory. Changing all the technical stuff afterwards can be a real pain. I know had time to really think and design how to implement the rules. I think the platform is totally compliant with the new laws, but we never know for sure… The great thing with the GDPR is that from the start Votavi is designed with user privacy in mind, and the platform can now take advantage of that design.

Copyright Directive

Now what is really horrific are the new copyright laws proposed by the EU. These laws will be killing for new internet start-ups, creativity on the internet and the internet character as it was designed for. I am for copyright and I think creators should receive acknowledgement and payment for their work. However, these proposed EU laws are blind to the way the internet works and is designed for. Copyright should focus on abuse and illegal earnings based on other people’s work and creativity, not on limiting the dynamics of the internet. These laws are doing more harm than good.¬† The only one who will benefit from these laws are the internet giants and the established artists. Luckily the first vote for the complete¬†parliament sent these laws back to the drawing board.