Votavi is live!

A project on which I have worked for a while now and through which I have learned so much is live.

The idea of Votavi is simple, multiple choice questions which you can share and/or embed in a website or blog. So what makes Votavi special ?

The attractiveness of choices by using content like pictures, Tweets, Instagram, Youtube and so on. This contrary to the dull polls who are text only.
A simple way of creating and sharing questions. Use Votavi as an instant messenger for questions.
The possibilities for interaction with customers. Contact me if you want a free trial.

Votavi has a responsive website and a native app for the iPhone/iPad. A native Android app is being prepared (we are still looking for a partner for the development of the Android app). For now it works great with the Android browser (don’t forget to switch on notifications).
Let me know what you think about Votavi and/or if you have questions how to use it for commercial purposes.

So I would love for you to go to www.votavi.com ; login, create or respond to questions and it would be even more appreciated if you shared this announcement; so share, post, like to help Votavi become a success.

You can find Votavi here; https://www.votavi.com
For more information and the privacy policy click here; https://info.votavi.com